Friday, February 12, 2010

Ichthyosaurs Were Aquatic Dinosaurs.fossils Show Us That Ichthyosaurs Were Aquatic Dinosaurs. Fossils Show Us Taht They Had Dorsal Fins And Tails Just As Fish Do, Even

Ichthyosaurs were aquatic dinosaurs. Fossils show us taht they had dorsal fins and tails just as fish do, even - ichthyosaurs were aquatic dinosaurs.fossils show us that

even their closest relatives were terrestrial reptiles that neither dorsal fins, tails and water had. The back and tail ichthyosaurs and fish are
a. Members
b. Examples of convergent evolution
c. Adaptations to a common environment
d. A and C only
e. B and C only

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KTDykes said...

Ichthyosaurs not dinosaurs. On the contrary, were prehistoric aquatic animals reptile that lived during part of the same time as the dinosaurs. It appears that your teacher or whoever is the problem, not their homework done! Tell them off.

In fact, the dorsal fin is homologous to the dorsal fin of the fish, but I think you could make something like a case for the tail. The dorsal fin is a separate evolutionary development. Examples of convergent evolution, and there is a strong tendency for convergence as adjustments to the common challenges arise in the environment. That the rules of the two D.

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